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Yes hello,

My name is Anders Tallvik and I design visual identities and printed things. I am a research nerd who loves making informed, collaborative decisions that lift communication to that scrumptious next level, and I try to make sure everyone has fun/feels safe/gains knowledge in the process.

If you’d like to know more about me and how/why I became a designer, click here.

If you’d like to talk design, email me at (in Swedish or English).


NEXT 2015

As a selected member of the Design Lab practicum, I collaborated with four fellow designers on the design and production of the award-winning visual identity for NEXT, the annual thesis exhibition at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. I primarily worked within the realm of exhibition design.

Why I show this work
The success of the NEXT identity and exhibition is the fruit of devoted teamwork and I am forever proud to have been part of said team. I also enjoy working large both in scope and in scale.

Identity | Print | Exhibition
Creative Director: Francheska Guerrero
Senior Designers: David Hodgson, Nora Mosley
Junior Designers: Grace Boyle, Anders Tallvik, Lucien Liz-Lepiorz

I’m a fan of problem-solving both playfully and strategically.

Planet Forward

Planet Forward uses contemporary media to spark and lead conversations on the future of the planet, bringing students and sustainability leaders together in problem-solving dialogue. My visual identity update was my own initiative and grew from surveys and interviews with the staff.

Why I show this work
I'm thankful for the opportunity to initiate and implement an idea within a sometimes rigid university framework. I also love working with individuals from vastly different backgrounds and professions than my own.

Identity | Print | Web
Art Direction & Design: Anders Tallvik
Art Direction: Daniel Reed, Kim Ossi van Brecht



The beginnings of an ongoing collaboration with the choreographic duo Framework Dancing Art; a boundary-breaking logo, a friendly tone, and a directionally interactive business card.

Why I show this work
Framework Dancing Art wanted a sophisticated but exciting logo that would communicate both their professionalism and though-provoking topics.
It was a great learning experience in how to listen closely to the client’s wants and needs.

Identity | Print
Design: Anders Tallvik

I’m inspired by walks, skillful design, rulebreakers,
Scandinavian silence, American drive, jazz, food,
trees, the joy of exploration.

On Randomness and Typography

In my thesis paper, I investigate the various effects randomness has on typography in the context of graphic design. Randomness, or chance, requires the designer to cede control over the type. Yet the designer makes crucial selections: which randomizing process is used, which resulting visual becomes part of the overall design, and how is it incorporated? This brings up an intriguing power play between randomness and control. Within this balancing act of giving up or maintaining control, surprising and exciting design solutions emerge.

My thesis included both a poster and a publication.

Why I show this work
The topic itself is a testament to my interest in type; both a respect for the rules surrounding it and a mind ready to explore unconventional visual possibilities. Gosh, I love typography.

Print | Typography
Creative Director: Antonio Alcalá
Designer: Anders Tallvik