the startup identity kit


I offer uncomplicated and growth friendly visual identities for startups.

•  Condensed
•  Unique
•  Ready to expand

Every company needs a system of visuals that conveys who they are. An outfit that suits their culture, connects them to their desired target audience, and looks better than their competitors’. Something that simplifies the telling of their story.

However, not every company needs an endless identity system that requires an expensive Creative Director to implement. Starting small but strong, incrementally expanding your kit of brand visuals lets you grow naturally instead of forcing yourself into an uncomfortable brand outfit from the start.

Considering this, I have developed a startup identity kit that helps you get your brand out there without spending too much on your visual identity just yet.

I make you visible.


You are ready to get your startup out there.

You want to grab attention and convey quality.

You are looking for something more than a lazy template, but not too complicated to use
at your current size.

You need to work with a brand designer who understands how to strike that balance.


I research your startup and your field, sketch and design based on what we discover, and develop a kit of brand visuals.

The kit is easy use, has a voice that suits you, and connects you with your audience.

Your brand should begin simple without being thoughtless, and it should be able to expand with you.

Your visual identity will have the potential to grow when you do. For example, you will easily be able to add new iconography, photographic language or additional colors when you are ready.

How does it work?
I design your identity in a non-restrictive style that looks good in different costumes. It won’t be default-looking, but every part of it will be versatile.

It is a visual identity of many talents, if you will.

expand your visual identity later rather than pay for building blocks you may not end up using.


I zoom in on what your brand needs right now.

I ensure you can expand your visual toolbox when your startup grows.

I combine marketability and design craft to deliver an attention-grabbing, strong visual identity that sets you up to succeed.

I don’t charge you for more than you need.

Bonus: I have existed in a world of similar brands and explored what the truly essential components of a visual identity for a small or growing business really are.

The short version:
I know my stuff.
I’ll help you look great.


Ranging from most condensed to most expanded.
Email me for more information or a customized quotation.

(English and Swedish work equally well)

I look forward to working with you.